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About Us

It doesn't have to be complicated!

In Amalia Technologies, we enjoy simplification, and we especially enjoy making Computerised System Validation easy to manage through digital maturity.   

Our Story

After working on many high-profile implementation projects within the Life Sciences industry, we realized that over-engineering does not innately produce quality, mitigate risk, or ensure patient safety; it's rather the opposite.

Moreover, developers' and engineers' efforts are increasingly lost in documentation rather than on what's important: Technology. 

Amalia Technologies, guides organizations through the complicated world of Life Science's GxP compliance and Computerised System Validation. 

We do so by following a one-word mantra: Simplification. 

Meet The Team


Thrasyvoulos Kotsonis

  • LinkedIn

Founder, Principal CSV & PM Expert


Niki Sorogas

  • LinkedIn

Junior CSV & PM Expert

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