In Amalia Technologies, we have aligned ourselves with other companies that share our passion for digitalization & automation. It is with their support that we can achieve the level of quality that we deliver. 


Network for Greater Good

TraceLink is the only network platform for building integrated business ecosystems with multienterprise applications - the true foundations for digitalization - delivering customer-centric agility and resiliency for end-to-end supply networks and leveraging the collective intelligence of entire industries. 

Agile Process Teams, the first multi-enterprise application built on Opus digitally integrates work across the supply chain to collectively reduce manufacturing disruptions by 97%, accelerate the time to resolve issues by 60% and improve delivery performance by 82%. 

Agile Process Teams is an application designed to manage today's supply chain reality – the need to work with supply chain partners on unexpected and unplanned issues and events. From material shortages and late orders to production delays and missing documentation, Agile Process Teams brings structure, collaboration, and shared truth to a process previously managed by emails, spreadsheets, and meetings - transforming relationships with supply chain partners.

DocuSign is the #1 Electronic Signatures tool used by twelve out of the world's top fifteen Pharmaceutical Companies and fourteen out of fifteen top Medical Devices manufacturers.


With the Life Sciences work being still heavily reliant on manual processes and paper documentation Amalia Tech has allied with DocuSign to push forward digitalization & automation. 


From clinical trial onboarding to vendor contracts, DocuSign eSignature meets the needs of pharmaceutical organizations while supporting compliance with industry regulations like 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, eIDAS, and EMA. By eliminating paper and manual processes, DocuSign improved the efficiency of clinical, quality, and internal operations - accelerating the development and delivery of treatments to markets.